VotePact is Totally Different from “VoteSwapping”

People continue to be confused by voteswapping. This happens every four years in part because major media like the New York Times, NPR and ABC have periodically hyped voteswapping and have continuously ignored VotePact.

Voteswapping involves voters in so-called “swing” states who want to vote for third parties “swap” votes with committed Democrats and Republicans in so-called “safe” states. This was outlined by and, both now defunct. So, for example, a true believing Green in say, Ohio, votes for Biden while a Biden believer in New York votes for Howie Hawkins, the Green Party nominee. So, emerging parties don’t grow, their votes are just moved to other states. Voters end up voting for candidates they don’t actually believe in.

In contrast to “swapping,” VotePact is not an attempt to “minimize the damage” of a third party run—it is designed to actually shake up the political spectrum, create a realignment and open the door to actual victory for independents or emerging parties. VotePact liberates a vote from Biden and a vote from Trump so they can go to candidates the voters actually want. Also, VotePact does not result in people voting for candidates they don’t want—it frees people to vote for candidates they do want, but are held back by fear because of the limitations of the voting system. While the Electoral College is central to “vote swapping,” it is not at all central to VotePact, though VotePact does work best if the two voters are in the same state.

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