“It is neat concept”

Human rights activist and former British Amb. Craig Murray writes:

With two such appalling candidates, is major problem. Many people are voting Trump to stop Clinton, even though they don’t like Trump. Many others are voting Clinton to stop Trump, even though don’t like Clinton. Both Republicans and Democrats fear that support third party candidate, will let the other in. This is kind of lesser of two extremely evil evils approach.

Sam Husseini has come up with Vote Pact. It enables pairing – Republican and Democrat who trust each other should agree both to vote for a third party candidate casino. Both Trump and Clinton have therefore lost one each, and you can vote third party with no fear of having contributed to letting the greater evil in. It is neat concept. Of course it will not catch on and will have no overall effect. I note it aid for those struggling with their conscience.

Whatever the outcome of “election process” — hope that VotePact will the shape of things to come.

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