Ideas for VotePact: Town Hall Meetings, Dual Videos and more….

Over at caucus99percent, CantStoptheSignal suggests activists with different takes on Bernie Sanders and “Our Revolution” put aside their differences and focus on helping VotePact for the rest of the election season:

This is a magnificent idea, even if it fails to dislodge Hillary Clinton from the throat of the country, where we’re currently choking on her. It brings the people together. It reaffirms bonds of trust across political lines, and in particular reaffirms the fact that we trust each other–the people we know–a hell of a lot more than we trust any of those bastards who are providing us with our current political “choices.” It creates the basis of a movement against the system that produced these rotten choices in the first place. And who knows where a movement like that could go?

So I propose we spread this idea far and wide. My thoughts so far:

1) Town hall-style meetings between us and Republicans who are sick of their own party’s BS and the corruption of the country, as much as we are. …


2) A hashtag #IllVoteWithYou …

3) A webpage where people can register their pledge–two by two–to vote against the major party candidates, with the ability to upload photos of the fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, neighbors, brothers joining together across party lines. …

4) Or perhaps a Tumblr, like We Are the 99 Percent. Perhaps Mr. Husseini would like to put such pictures, or even video, up on his site, or perhaps we could put it up here.

5) Perhaps we could use the Web to find people with whom to make a VotePact, but I worry that might dilute the strength of the idea, which is connection and trust between people who know each other. (I have the idea both of a website where people would come to find such a person, and also of an app that one could use–but I’m very unsure of whether this is a good idea.)

6) If people know how–I wish I did!–we could make videos of people who are making a Vote Pact in our community and put them up on YouTube and here. ¬†Imagine this happening around the country. And it would be completely independent of *any* politician.

CantStoptheSignal also suggests that if there were high profile match-ups by celebrities, it would really help the effort.

This reflects some of our own thinking, and we’ve actually got a software engineer who has generously volunteered their time to build a mechanism for pairing up people. We’re in need of someone with the needed graphics skills to roll that out. (I’ve been a purist in terms of having people pair up with someone they know and trust, rather than get matched with someone they don’t know online. My hope is that this software will be used to pair people up who do know each other, most obviously through Facebook. So people don’t unfriend that person who’s looking at voting for Trump/Clinton — instead, they cooperate with them by forming a VotePact.)

And we’d certainly be interested in posting piece or videos of people making VotePacts, having celebrities step up to make PSAs and organizing meet up. We’re on Twitter and Facebook and happy if people set up efforts on Tumblr, Reddit and other platforms. This is a grassroots effort, and we hope people will come forward with their skills and energy to help make it really take off and change the course of this election.

If that doesn’t happen, what we have before us is continued division, misunderstanding and corruption as each of the two major parties can continue to manipulate their “bases” — relying on fear of the other party to justify all their actions — and do whatever they or their insider associates want. VotePact helps stops that. It can get other candidates¬†beyond single digits and reflect public hunger that’s out there. Folks can email me at sam at

— Sam Husseini

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