VotePact and the R3VOLution

Very glad that Campaign for Liberty has linked to VotePact. I’ve long admired Ron Paul — remember seeing him speaking forcefully against the sanctions on Iraq in the 1990s. Also, been thinking about how VotePact is in a way an expression of Love: Two people overcome their divisions and build up trust to unite for a shared noble purpose.

A few thoughts/responses to some excellent comments at C4L:

If you’re forming a vote “pair” with someone, please post a comment or email me (sam [at] Would be interested in highlighting articles people have co-written about why they did this, or perhaps YouTube videos. Note that you don’t even have to have decided for sure who you will vote for, just that together, you won’t cancel each other out and vote for your “lesser evil” — but instead will vote for candidate(s) that more closely reflect your values.

If you’re already supporting a third party candidate, great. VotePact doesn’t apply to you directly — but you might want to be a “match maker” and help people you know get to a better place, so please spread the word about it.

VotePact doesn’t currently linking up people on this site, partly because of the whole trust question (easier to trust someone you already know), but mostly because we just don’t have the capacity. If C4L or anyone else wants to build that capacity, we’re happy to incorporate that.

Steven: “I think votepact should encourage people to vote early by mail that way they can fill out their ballots together and mail them in.”

Yes, we’ve mentioned this, but it should be emphasized more. Be aware though that in some jurisdictions, even if you vote early by mail, you can vote on election day and that vote supersedes your pre-election day vote. So check your local rules — or really trust the person (or don’t let them out of your sight on election day!)

Several folks mention instant runoff voting. VotePact is sort of like do-it-yourself runoff voting. While the political establishment has prevented IRV (or range voting) from happening, it can’t stop VotePact. We’ve set up range and rank voting at CandidateChooser — would be great if someone built a nice widget that could proliferate throughout the web.

Will Work for Peace writes: “I’ve heard it said that if you go far enough left and far enough right, the two meet.”

Yes. That why we say that VotePact helps people find their way out of the Bush-Clinton axis. It helps realign politics. Conscientious conservatives and principled progressives share more in terms of trade, corporate power, civil liberties, foreign policy than they do with the establishments of either of the two dominant parties. There are certainly differences, frequently cited is abortion, but if there’s a political breakthrough with this, then those issues can be discussed in a more forthright fashion. As it is, those issues are often used to keep people stuck in each establishment party, they become a political ploy sildenafil from india.

Andy Wilkerson made pledge cards:

I give my word that I will cast my vote for neither the Democrat nor Republican nominee for President in the 2008 election. I pledge to choose a third-party or write in candidate and back this with only my honor as a proud American trying to better our country.

Good stuff, but keep in mind that VotePact is a one-to-one arrangement (unless otherwise agreed upon). That is, you don’t want one person to surreptitiously make VotePacts with multiple people.

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