The “Swing Vote” Thought Experiment

Many people are “for” a third party or independent candidate and don’t know it because they can’t see third party and independent candidates as “viable.” Here’s a thought experiment:

“Imagine Obama and McCain are tied and you are the swing voter. Who do you vote for?”

Now, try this:

“Imagine Obama, McCain, McKinney, Barr, Baldwin and Nader are all tied. You are the swing voter. If you vote for McCain, he wins the presidency, if you vote for Obama, he wins, if you vote for McKinney, she wins; if you vote for Barr, he wins, for Baldwin, he wins, for Nader, he wins.

“Who do you vote for?”

The second question tries to get at what people want.

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  1. wildcat444 says:


  2. Sam says:

    Thanks. I’m actually hoping this can be a useful way that people who are inclined to support third parties can talk to people who are committed to one of the two establishment candidates.

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