A Vote Pact Flyer

We’d like to thank Nancy Rodland and the Charlottesville, Virginia Ron Paul meet-up, who created this Vote Pact flyer (PDF, black & white, or color). Nancy said they were inspired by Ron Paul’s “Campaign for Liberty” and the 3rd party candidates’ pact.

Thanks again Nancy.

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3 Responses to “A Vote Pact Flyer”

  1. jdawkins says:

    I love it … except that the fly is ugly enough that I don’t think could post it anywhere. If you’re coordinating with the Campaign for Liberty maybe you could have one their design people have a crack at it?

    Please don’t let this bring you down. I love the idea!

  2. hollister says:

    Eh, I thought it was pretty good – if McKinney’s name were spelled right. Just the right amount of detail, and the layout is professional and not overly busy.

  3. Sam says:

    Thanks! A volunteer did this. Make your own and we’ll post it!

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