Video of Ron Paul Event

Here is Ron Paul’s statement from the Campaign for Liberty from the event on Wednesday. Here’s the first chunk of video on YouTube with Paul introducing the news conference and his four principles on foreign policy, privacy, the national debt and the federal reserve.

Part 7 begins with me asking the candidates about VotePact and McKinney and Baldwin respond. Part 8 begins with Nader’s response, which was the most to-the-point, though he slightly mischaracterizes VotePact by saying that it would have voters “cancel each other” out. A better way to say it would be that to date — in election after election — millions of spouses, friends, neighbors have been canceling each other out with one voting for the Republicans and one voting for the Democrats. With VotePact they free each other to build something they believe in rather than negating each other. The establishment parties divide and conquer. VotePact unites and frees.

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