We want to work with other groups. VoteBuddy came up with basically the same idea and some people think the name is friendlier. There’s some interesting text and images on their page. It was set up by Kent Van Cleave.

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  1. votebuddy says:

    Thanks for the mention, Sam! For readers unfamiliar with the history of this idea, it looks like I may have beat Sam to it in 2000, but he has done a lot more with it, and I heartily endorse his effort and wish him (and all you participants) every success.

    This year, perhaps more than ever, America needs to ditch the Party Duopoly, a pair of voters at a time, and build momentum for real political reform.

    If you’re a Republican who can’t abide McCain, or a Democrat who dislikes Obama, just find someone who fits the opposite description from you and together employ this “buddy system” for freeing your two votes from the corrupt system.

    You’ll feel good about your vote for a change!

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